Toc H Philately

By Steve Smith

This short, and largely visual, blog was inspired by a recent acquisition. Despite being the son of a keen philatelist, I had never heard of Maximums before, so the 1965 postcard of the chapel in Talbot House was to be my education in the matter. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. This blog looks briefly at all the postage related paraphernalia relevant to Toc H and it’s not much – unless of course you know better.

The first Toc H related stamps were in fact issues to help raise funds for All Hallows in 1943 after it was seriously damaged through two separate nights of bombing in late 1940. This set of six stamps were issued in a presentation card and were available to anyone making a donation of at least 2/6 (Two shillings and sixpence) to the All Hallows restoration Fund.

The next Toc H related stamp was issued in Belgium in 1965 to celebrate Toc H’s Golden Jubilee. The brainchild of the man who ran Old Flanders on the market place, it was a solitary 3 Franc stamp.

Often seen as a standard First day Cover, it was also issued as a Maximum. This is a postcard style First Day Cover featuring a picture on the front too which the stamp is affixed and franked. More common in continental Europe than the UK, I was happy to obtain one recently.

The final item, to my knowledge, is not a stamp but simply an envelope and a postage frank from Australia commemorating the Centenary of Tubby’s birth.

Probably about time we had another stamp in the UK.