At the Sign of Toc H

Despite Tubby’s oft quoted maxim to “Do something good each day but don’t get found out”, Toc H would go to great lengths to extend the Movement and that included ensuring the places that they met were well-publicised. From the famous signboard hanging over the door of Talbot House via the parcel tag on a string that hung from the flat in Red Lion Square to the uniform signs of the seventies, this short, visual blog takes a look at some of the signs of Toc H.

Hopefully it will keep you ticking over whilst I complete my next mammoth article on Toc H Lamps of Maintenance

Talbot House

The original – outside Talbot House

The Boddy Brothers were Norwich metal-workers and Toc H members whose firm was probably most famous for its milk-churns. Perhaps that inspired this 3d Toc H sign they developed in 1927

The Boddy Sign

The Boddy Brothers metalworked sign (1927)


Over the years many branches made up their own efforts


But few as magnificent as this one constructed through Mr Bryant’s glass business (Clarks of Hoxne in Drysdale Street) for Cuffley and Goffs Oak branch.


The restored Cuffley and Goffs Oak sign in 2019

Toc H made some directional signs available.

Directional Sign

Directional Sign in Situ

Though they were sometimes confusing

Both ways

This one was introduced in 1972 to bring some unity

New 1972 Sign

And came as a lower tech plastic on wood version

Orange sign


But there would always be something on the door

Or over it

Hanging Light

And someone to put it up

Putting SIgn Up

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